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DataFlex for MEW

by Gerard Wijnands


DataFlex Add On for Multi-Edit.
Written for DataFlex versions: DF2.3/DF3.0/DF3.1 and VDF4
Supported are Multi-Edit 7 & 8
Size: 109 KB Download
Date Created: 31/07/2002
Date Updated: 31/07/2002
Author: Gerard Wijnands

A few years ago there was a DataFlex add-on available for multi-edit. This
contribution is this same add-on, but now available with all of the source
Please see the online helpfile for the details.

At the moment this package is not completely up-to-date with the latest versions of DataFlex, but the source is included so it can be changed.

The author of this package does not work in the DataFlex community any
longer and can no longer be reached at the email address mentioned in the
online help.

Download 109 Kb zipfile