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Running VDF against a Linux backend

by Josť A.F. Guimaraes e Costa


This case-study describes in the field experiences of sites running and sharing DataFlex files between both DataFlex for Linux 3.1d and VDF 8.2. In the discussed setup, files are accessed in character mode from dumb terminals (Vt style) upto Pc`s (win 9x) with NetTerm.
Samba is used to share files accessible by VDF and to share printers (even serial and parallel printers attached to the "server").
So far the sites have proved to be stable and solid.
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Date Created: 29/10/2002
Date Updated: 29/10/2002
Author: Josť A.F. Guimaraes e Costa
Company: Moose Software

This is how an answer to a newsgroup started. Upon request from some people we decided to write the following case study based upon some of our experiences and share them with the rest of world. We hope this might wake up your curiosity of what a free OS can do in combination with products of DAWW.

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