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Februari 26, 2003

VDF-Soap has been updated with a new release which has been shown at DISD. Go to the VDF-Soap pages for details.

Februari 16, 2003

A new release of Nils Svedmyr's Regcheck is around the corner, there are however a few problems in the Novell area. If you have experience in this area and have Novell installed to test then please contact us.

Februari 14, 2003

Several developers are currently working on a new version of the opensource code editor "The Hammer". Help from more developers is welcomed. If you are interested and have time to work on this project then please contact us.

Februari 10, 2003

As you all might have guessed i have been very busy working on various (commercial) projects over the past few months. The horizon is getting much clearer now that most projects have been released.
There are more releases of various small and large projects for vdf-guidance around the corner, some of them even waiting for my attention to be released.

An updated version of Evolution has been on the ftp-site for the last few weeks, but it has not been found by many i guess. So here it goes: Barry Munro has been so kind to build a new version of Evolution that contains all patches since it's initial release. More details

November 21, 2002

The cDbForm_DSFlist class has been added to the packages. This class can be seen as an autocomplete extension to the dbForm class.
It searches an existing database to match the criteria while you type.
More details

November 20, 2002

FYI, WebApp Server 3.0 is being promoted in the new dutch version of C't magazine (the December issue). The cover of the magazine can be seen here
C't magazine is targeted at IT-professionals. The magazine also carries a CD with a full functional version of WebApp 3.0 to play with.

November 13, 2002

A package to handle serial communications straight from within VDF. More details

Comparing strings padded with spaces in DataFlex might not exactly work as you would have expected as it is a little bit different from other programming languages. You have to be aware that comparing 'abcd' to 'abcd ' always results to a (True) condition.
More details

November 12, 2002

A sizing grip class for VDF8. A special mouse pointer, which allows a user to manipulate user interface elements such as a window. For example, a user can click and drag a sizing grip in the lower-right corner of a window to resize it.
More details

November 11, 2002

A complete application that can be used to check DataFlex indexes for corruption and possibly bad data before performing a reindex. The goal is to save the time of reindexing by first determining whether a reindex is necessary and further, which file needs to be. The checker itself is a class that can be used in other programs if desired..
More details

A transparent bitmap container has been added. This control allows you to add hi-resolution bitmaps to your VDF application.
More details

It has taken some time before the update, but we now have an up-to-date vWin32fh.pkg on the site. One of our most popular packages that makes filehandling by using the WinApi much easier.
More details

October 29, 2002

A case-study about sharing DataFlex files between both DataFlex for Linux 3.1d and VDF 8.2.
More details

August 19, 2002

An additional white paper that discusses how to create an NT service out of a VDF program.
More details

August 1, 2002

  • Added a FlexCOM example on how to use MS Agent from within VDF. This was so much fun! .
    More details
  • Updated the GlobalDataChange application to support VDF8.
    More details
  • Added DataFlex for MEW support. These are the sources to the good old support for DataFlex under Multi-edit
    More details

July 25, 2002

  • Added a whitepaper that introduces Xml basics.
    More details
  • Updated the "Global Data Replacement App" in the software section to have it support multiple replacement runs without having to restart the application.
    More details

July 20, 2002

A Wise Workstation install script for VDF8 has been published in the miscellaneous area.
More details

July 5, 2002

A new application, "Global Data Replacement App", has been released in the software section. This is an application that replaces any data in any data file and field with new data. Conditions can be established for the replacement so only selected data can be addressed. Alternatively, selected records can be deleted. This is a Windows version of the old DOS Scope
More details

Released a new debug_box package that can help you while debugging your programs.
More details

June 26, 2002

The release of the source code for the Content Management System has been delayed by a month. There was just too much to do before finding the time to complete it.
This means that we hope

June 1, 2002

Released a new open source project that is entirely based on a former commercial product. We are very proud to release the open source version of Evolution, a product donated by TUFware Systems.
Do check out the product, you WILL be sorry if you didn't!

May 17, 2002

Released a new open source project that is focused on developing a universal VDF Soap Client.

May 7, 2002

Released version 1.5 build 3 of the Hammer. Be aware that this is still a beta release. Although i think it is pretty stable by now.

May 1, 2002

The release of the new Hammer is postponed by one or 2 weeks. There are still a few small issues that need to be looked at.

April 21, 2002

Updated the vdf-guidance webapp. This is one of the updates i spoke about last week.
The biggest change is that a wiki wiki interface has been introduced for the editing. As a result of this we have much more control on the layout of the text without having to write in Html.
Now let's hope i didn't break something by introducing more features.

April 14, 2002

It looks as if not much is happening in here, is there?..... . .
Wrong! In fact we are very busy working on several projects. One of these is a new "Hammer" - version 1.5 - which will be released before the end of April.
We are currently testing the release candidates and it will be a treaty as many new features have been added along with more stability.
There are a few other things in the pipeline as well, but i'll keep you posted when we get there. ;-)

March 12, 2002

The Auto_prompting package is updated to also support VDF8 SP1.
If you use the old version under VDF8 an autofind field will always popup a selectionlist even if an existing value is in the field.
The reason for this is changed behaviour of the way an item_option is set in VDF8.
Formerly an autofind set in the datadictionary would also set the item_option autofind.
With the changes to the package the auto_prompting behaviour will be exactly the same as it was before.
Click Here to get the new version.