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COM Manifest Studio Author: Nils G. Svedmyr
Last Update: 21/09/2022Company: RDC Tools International
Allows you to stop having to register and unregister the activeX controls that your application uses by using a feature in the manifest file. While this can be done by hand, this tool helps you to automate it.

Anyflex Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 19/08/2022Company: NOVAX A/S
Open a database file without workspaces settings. It is even capable of opening a databasefile directly from a zip file. It is not working with any workspaces, and can handle all databasefiles either dataflex own or driverbased files for dataflex.
Special features includes: Copy form database to database, Import of textfiles, Editing of indexes, Filter records on your own constraints, Full view mode, Auto refresh timer, Special Text edit view, Record zoom, VdfQuery, Global Replacement Utility and Free Text Search!

Query tool Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 21/09/2020
This is a SQL Query tool that only does queries and doesn't allow database updates. It's currently installable for MSSQL, ODBC, MySQL and PostGres

Table Doc Editor Author: Michael Mullan
Last Update: 13/08/2019
The Table Document Editor is a utility that you can use to document the fields in your SQL database via a feature of the SQL backend. The documentation is stored in the database.

Novax database maintenance Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 09/03/2018Company: NOVAX A/S
A general maintenance application for the native dataflex database.

Unused Variables Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 03/10/2017
This is a tool to check source code for local variables that have been delared but not used. It can either be run as a standalone application or since the subroutine that does the work is a class, it can be used in other applications.

Generate DataFlex source for ActiveX controls via Command Line Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 05/04/2016Company: Antwise Solutions
This is a small program that you can use to generate DataFlex source from the command line for the activex controls that you have. This is especially useful if you develop activex controls.

Cleanmarkers Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 11/02/2014Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This is based on a view that Marcia Booth from DAW made back in 2005 for cleaning the //AB metadata markers from your sources. It now has additional features such as:
- right trim lines
- remove more studio markers
- traverse recursively thru files

dbImport Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 04/10/2012
dbImport is a visual wizard style tool to import data from various formats such as csv, XML and fixed field length.
The program is capable of either directly importing the data into the database or by generating source that is capable of doing the import. The tool is Business Process based so that the data has to follow your businessrules.
Some of the import-formats are compatible with what dbExport generates, see the documentation for more details.

August, 2004 -- Fixed a bug where if input file had fewer number of columns than the data file, the last input data field would be written to all remaining data file fields.

National Holidays Author: Nils G. Svedmyr
Last Update: 08/03/2011Company: RDC Tools International
This application displays national holidays per country and has a vast function library for the different holidays.

cSysFileCJGrid - Easy management of multiple and/or large system files Author: Mika Vainio
Last Update: 19/11/2010Company: allgemeine baugenossenschaft luzern
By using the cSysFileCJGrid class (subclass of cSigCJPropertyGrid) the creation of big system file management views becomes very easy. By defining only the number and the DD of the system file the class reads through the filestructure, creates a label/value pair for every field and adds the correct data binding.

Global Data Replacement App Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 29/08/2009
Program and source code for an application that replaces any data in any data file and field with new data. Conditions can be established for the replacement so only select data can be addressed. Alternatively, selected records can be deleted with this application. This is a Windows version of the old DOS Scope... if anyone remembers it. (VDF7 / VDF8)

August, 2009 - Change all recnum references to the primary index of the table being worked with. This is so that Global will work with SQL "Standard" tables. Converted to VDF-15 though it should still work with VDF 14.

September, 2009 - A long standing problem where similar file names are compared and potentially the wrong one shown has been fixed by one of the user community.

Fusion Charts Author: Pepe Guimaraes
Last Update: 14/10/2008Company: Moose Software
This is an adapted order entry example that uses the Fusion Charts controls.
The good thing about this is that there is nothing to register. There are no Active-X controls but a set of Flash charts. The internet explorer browser class to display the charts.

Full credits should go to Benito Fernandez from Norquimia who pointed Fusion Charts to me and drafted the first example.

Add to repository Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 27/08/2008Company: NOVAX A/S
Takes the workspace and makes a new entry on a specific repository by creating a new directory with the workspacename as
the new directory name. The idea is that all workspaces in the same repository are each in their own subdirectory.
In that way libraries can also be subversioned along with the workspace if they are added with relative path in the workspace.

CodeSpy 1.0 Author: Michael Kurz
Last Update: 14/03/2008
Codespy parses your source code for class definitions and their properties, procedures and functions and creates HTML documentation from it. It should compile with VDF12.1. There is also an old version for VDF5, 6 and 7.

dbUpdateUtil Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 09/02/2008Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This is a tool to restructure and update datafiles on a remote site. You can use this tool as part of your update scripts. You can also use this tool to report all differences between databases even through con. kits.

Complete with all source code files.
Version 2 - for VDF5, VDF6 and VDF7 (not maintained anymore)
Version 4.0 - for VDF8, VDF9.x, VDF10 and Vdf11.x
NB: Version 4.0 and up can now work with Pervasive and MS SQL Connectivity Kit.
Version 5.1 - for VDF12.x

PDMaker Author: Peter Tawse
Last Update: 13/02/2006
A windows tool to create .DFF (.DEF files without 'Date', 'Time' and 'Records Used' info) which greatly ease the use of "Beyond Compare" or other similar utility. Written in Vdf11.x compatable code.
You may also easily manage .DEF and .FD files for your VDF and Console mode 3.x + applications, as well as reindex by Filelist (NOT WorkSpace)..
See the Readme-1st file for Installation and other details.

Check DataFlex index files for corruption Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 10/11/2002
Co-developed by Bob Worsley & David Martinko.

A complete application that can be used to check DataFlex indexes for corruption and possibly bad data before performing a reindex. The goal is to save the time of reindexing by first determining whether a reindex is necessary and further, which file needs to be. The checker itself is a class that can be used in other programs if desired.

WebApp Web Administration Author: Folkert Klemme
Last Update: 03/01/2002
This is a small ISAPI DLL which allows a WebApp Administrator to start and stop the WebApp Server or just a WebApp via the Web.

VDF7 IDE compliant - Project management s/w Author: Peter H Brooks
Last Update: 09/12/2001Company: DRAMS
This vdf7 application was written to manage the costing of a building job.
This is completely IDE compatible giving examples of using the
data dictionaries at a file level (dbBuilder methods). The
only non-standard 'feature' is the use of VPE as the report
engine and starzen classes (and VDFQuery Date functions).

Moving Visual Dataflex Workspaces and changing registry (Latest version) Author: Klaus Götzsche Frederiksen
Last Update: 03/12/2001Company: DFDS Seaways A/S
This is a tool to move an existing workspace from one folder to another, and saves all the hassle of having to do this by hand.
This tool is written in Delphi 4.

DFSplash 1.1 Author: Michael Kurz
Last Update: 03/12/2001
A small EXE which first displays a Splash screen bitmap and then executes the provided command line argument which will start the VDF application. The VDF application removes the splash screen with one simple line of code.

Rebuild Author: Leon Raafs
Last Update: 09/10/2000Company: Pentis Computing
This is a tool to rebuild datafiles. It does this by dumping the selected files to ascii, zeroing them and reloading them from the dumped ascii.

Oracle Login Author: Geoff Furlong
Last Update: 06/09/2000Company: MSG Business Systems Ltd.
This is a program to let your applications log in to Oracle from one main starting point.
The application is designed to work with the Oracle driver from Mertech, but could easily be changed to support other database drivers as well

Curriculum Vitae Manager Author: Arnaud Mallick
Last Update: 04/01/2000Company: Editus Luxembourg SA
Gestion des CV is a program for maintaining and searching CV's. It is written for VDF5.1 and later, and is fully IDE compliant.

A Simple Training program Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
This is a vdf training course with Powerpoint-presentations and complete source code of a simple program to show several aspects of Visual Dataflex. Topics covered are basic data-entry, static constraints, dynamic constraints, broadcasting, class instantiation, messageboxes, registry read and write, masking, using RGB colors, playing AVI-files, printing with Winprint, printing with Crystal, selecting printers and more... VDF5/VDF6 only