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by Bob Worsley


dbImport is a visual wizard style tool to import data from various formats such as csv, XML and fixed field length.
The program is capable of either directly importing the data into the database or by generating source that is capable of doing the import. The tool is Business Process based so that the data has to follow your businessrules.
Some of the import-formats are compatible with what dbExport generates, see the documentation for more details.

August, 2004 -- Fixed a bug where if input file had fewer number of columns than the data file, the last input data field would be written to all remaining data file fields.
Size: 489 KB Download
Date Created: 22/06/2004
Date Updated: 04/10/2012
Author: Bob Worsley

DbImport is a new VDF wizard that will import data of multiple formats into DataFlex data files, or SQL if that's what you use. In addition, it will generate code for these formats that you can use for custom importing.
The supported formats are


The Delimited format will read data with strings enclosed in quotes or not, but separated by the desired delimiter. The delimiter may be selected from a combolist or entered by the user. This format is compatible with output from dbExport.


The expected XML format is:
  - <Row>
< FIELD1>Batch</ FIELD1> 
< FIELD2>3</FIELD2> 
< FIELD1>Online</ FIELD1> 
< FIELD2>5</FIELD2> 

Cdata sections may be read or not. This format is also compatible with output from dbExport.

Fixed field length

The Fixed Field Length format expects the data fields to be concatenated with each data element directly following the previous without any extra spaces. For example,
	 Length    Start Position
Field1	    6             1
Field2      8             7
Field3      2             15
Field4      1             17

In the case of fixed field length files, dbExport exports data in a format that is NOT compatible with dbImport, as dbExport adds a single blank column between data elements if the field width is longer than the length of the field name. If the data field width is less than the length of the field name, then the field name length is used instead, plus the blank column is included.

Other features are

  • An entire record - all fields - may be read, or individual data fields may be selected, in any order.
  • Header records in delimited and fixed field formats can be in the import file, but will be ignored.
  • Text and binary fields may be imported in HEX or ASCII.
  • Generated sourcecode is IDE compatible and can be added to Abdata by the wizard.
  • Recnum is never imported, all records should start with a field greater than 0
  • Zeroing of the data file prior to importing is permitted,

All of the above apply to both the direct internal import and the generated code.


dbImport VDF17.1 release ~ 489kB January 30, 2016
dbImport VDF16/VDF17 release ~ 489kB October 4, 2012
dbImport VDF14 release ~690kB February 19, 2009
dbImport VDF12 release ~545kB November 4, 2007
dbImport release 1.1 ~ 82kB august 7, 2004
dbImport release 1.0 ~ 82kB

List of Changes

version 1.1
August, 2004 - Fixed a bug where if input file had fewer number of columns than the data file, the last input data field would be written to all remaining data file fields.

version 12
November 2007, this dbImport version was originally released for VDF12.0, but it will work fine in VDF12.1 too.
The package depends on the vWin32fh package to be included in a current workspace path or library.

version 14
February 2009, some bug fixes for screen shortcomings
Changed some of the lists to grids
Fixed studio modeling errors
Added ability to reject selected incoming text columns