Shared knowledge leads to accumulated knowledge

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About VDF-GUIdance

VDF GUIdance started out as a hobby project of Frank ( Velpe Development) and Wil ( Antwise Solutions).

The site was originally introduced during the EDUC 1999 which was held at Budapest.
The idea for launching this site is based on our own experience that exchanging knowledge on the development languages led to an improvement of your own basic understanding of how everything works or at least is supposed to work.

We are very happy that other developers used our site to share their snippets code / projects as well. Without all the other contributions this site would never have become the success that it ended up to be.

The name VDF-GUIdance might suggest that we only support Visual DataFlex. While that has our focus, we also support articles/code/contributions for any of the other DataFlex based products of Data Access Worldwide.
Projects for DataFlex Console Mode and the internet-product WebApp are very welcome.

Actually any information/code/procedure that might help other DataFlex developers is very welcome.

Wil van Antwerpen, co-founder, administrator, The Netherlands
Nils Svedmyr, administrator, Sweden
Todd Forsberg, administrator redmine, USA
Frank Vandervelpen, co-founder, Belgiumretired
Dan Walsh, chief editor, USAretired
Richard van de Pas, graphical design, The Netherlandsretired
Sergey Natarov, The Hammer co-admin, Russiaretired

You can contact us by email at wil-a @ "domain name of this site".