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Welcome to your VDF-GUIdance

A worldwide independent resource for users of the DataFlex programming language. This includes modern DataFlex and the Web Framework as well as the legacy versions of Visual DataFlex, DataFlex Console Mode and WebApp.

In here you will find tips and tricks about many topics. Such as examples with source code, complete open source applications, PowerPoint presentations, workarounds for known bugs, and class extensions.

All of this is provided to you at no additional cost (i meant to say its free)
The site is also an excellent place to publish your own open source DataFlex projects!;-)
You can manage the projects all by yourself, upload updates, manage the content of the readme pages.

For peer-to-peer support on items posted at VDF-GUIdance, we suggest you to use the Code Library group over at the Data Access Worldwide community support forum.
This helps us all in keeping the discussions in ONE place.

Some of our more recent projects can also be found at the project server: which has additional project based tools, such as a bug tracker, a source control web interface and more.

In addition there's a subversion server that can be used for managing source code, have a look at our Subversion documentation for more info on this.