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WINAPI Filehandling Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 08/08/2023Company: Antwise Solutions
With this package (vwin32fh.pkg) you can copy, move, delete or rename any file, select a folder, test if a folder exists, create a new folder, delete an existing folder, start a program by its registered name, test if a file exists and more... all in the windows-environment.

FileSystem class Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 16/05/2021Company: NOVAX A/S
A replacement for the akefs - binary file access - package.

This is a class with methods to access binary files. Features common operations like copy, delete, move, rename, filesize, date, icon, search, create directory, remove directory, list files and much more.

- The number of files to open are only limited by system resources (so not the 10 open file limit as with the native direct_output/direct_input commands)
- There is no 2GB filesize limit, the filesize limit is 9 exabyte

This class is written for VDF15 and up.

SyncFusion Library Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 16/06/2020Company: Antwise Solutions
A DataFlex wrapper for the grid control from SyncFusion so that it can be used in your WebApp Framework application.

Outlook Drag and Drop Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 24/07/2019Company: Antwise Solutions
Outlook email drag and drop functionality. Even while you nowadays can have file drag and drop functionality in your Visual DataFlex applications, email drag and drop does not work as of yet.
Unfortunately both are using a complete different approach, this project shows you how-to get it working.

3D STL Viewer Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 13/03/2018Company: Antwise Solutions
This project wraps the 3D STL viewer logic from the Delphi GLScene open source project as an activex.
As a result you can now display 3D stereolithography objects in your DataFlex projects

AmCharts DataFlex Wrapper for WebApps Author: Raphael Theiler
Last Update: 06/10/2015Company: transXpro
AmCharts is a JavaScript based library to create charts in web applications. This project contains wrapper classes in order to use AmCharts inside DataFlex WebApps. The library is self contained and includes a "new" way to load the JavaScript which does not requires the modification of html or JavaScript files of your projects. Simply include the library Workspace and everything works fine.


Datadictionary Auditing classes Author: Garret Mott
Last Update: 08/04/2014Company: Auto-Mate Software
Using the subclass & views in this example order entry workspace you can get complete auditing on tables of your choosing. Depending on your needs, this can aid in troubleshooting a particular customer's problems or required tracking of changes on sensitive data.

Startprog Author: Bernhard Ponemayr
Last Update: 21/03/2013Company: Comtech
A Replacement/Enhancement of the VDF Runprogram Command

RegCheck2 Author: Nils G. Svedmyr
Last Update: 15/10/2012Company: RDC Tools International
Regcheck2 is a follow up project on the original regcheck to get the oplocks settings correct for operating systems that have implemented SMB2.

Remote Procedure Calls Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 23/01/2012
This is an example of how to send a message between different VDF programs using the packages created by Michael Kurz. If the recipient program is not running it will be activated so that it can receive the message.

Transparent Bitmapcontainer Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 16/02/2011Company: Antwise Solutions
This class allows you to display Hi-resolution bitmaps transparently and works with bitmaps stored in an external file.
Supported are VDF7, VDF8, VDF12 - VDF16

cSQLWebAppError Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 15/02/2011Company: Antwise Solutions
A hickup in your SQL Server can take your webapp down for a long time. Here's a package I wrote for a customer to take care of this particular example.

OS Version info Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 10/05/2010Company: Antwise Solutions
This package helps you with detecting the version information of the windows operating system your application is running under.

Flash Window Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 14/10/2008Company: NOVAX A/S
This package allows you to indicate that a process/application needs the end-users attention by flashing the window in the taskbar.

Binary file access and other filehandling in WinAPI Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 18/04/2008Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This package uses the Win-API to access binary files.
Filedelete, Filemove, Filecopy and Filerename are functions that uses Win-API and can be used instead of dataflex own commands. I have experienced some problems with the erasefile command with many files to be deleted on a novell network.
Directory and File search included. Get last access, last write and created dates and time with fileattributes. Search only files, directories or both at the same time.

RegCheck Author: Nils G. Svedmyr
Last Update: 25/09/2007
Even if you're careful to implement the correct registry settings when deploying a VDF application with the DataFlex DBMS, some weirdo e.g. a system administrator or other installed software will apply changes that potentially will be very dangerous to your application's database. RegCheck.pkg will simply detect the client software and check the machine registry settings and will perform any changes if necessary, though it will by default ask for user confirmation first.

FTP class Author: Dalton Pulsipher
Last Update: 26/09/2006Company: HCSS
This class works around a known intermittent issue with the wininet.dll function ftpfindfirstfile. This function in turn gave problems to FindFirstFtpFile, FtpFileExist, and possible DirectoryList. In addition to working around the problem the class provides builtin logging with enough granularity to help solve various connectivity issues. Extra functionality includes a check for a valid internet connection, valid ftp connection, setting of timeouts, access to win32_find_data for files on the server, access to call server-specific commands, ability to append a given string to a given file on the server, and much more.

Active Toolbar Author: Vincent Oorsprong
Last Update: 18/06/2006Company: Data Access Europe B.V.
This package contains an active toolbar that will disable buttons if they cannot be used. This is could happen if the focus-object is not data-aware or if a modalpanel. Please have a look at the readme if you get the error 'DftimerManager doesn't have window_handle!'.
This code is compatible with VDF6-VDF11.1 There are different versions available for the different development platform. The included readme document has the details about that.

Report Lock Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 04/04/2006Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
Examines the filelist to see if any of the files would cause an error or lock timeout. The code in the package does that by running through the filelist the same way a lock or reread command would do and examine all opened files for its alias_mode and file_mode.
Call the procedure when a lock-error situation is known. It could also be called in your own error-handler object when error number 4106 "Lock time-out" is encountered.

Winsock communication via ActiveX Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 29/03/2006Company: Antwise Solutions
This little project displays how you can communicate over TCP/IP via Visual DataFlex.
In order to do this, the project uses the standard MS activex control as you'll find in MS Visual Studio.

Def generator Author: Anders Íhrt
Last Update: 19/10/2005Company: Berendsen Textil Service AB
DefGenerator can create .def and .fd files automatically. It also strips time/date and record count from .def files, so the files can be compared between the development and deployment environment.

Example usage:

Get_Attribute DF_FILELIST_NAME To sFilelist
Move (Replace("Data\Filelist.cfg", sFilelist, "DDSrc")) To sDirectory

Move (ClxCreate_ClcDefGenerator()) To hoDefGenerator
Send GenerateDefs Of hoDefGenerator sDirectory DF_AUX_FILE_FD
Send GenerateDefs Of hoDefGenerator sDirectory DF_AUX_FILE_DEF
Send StripDirectory Of hoDefGenerator sDirectory
Send Destroy Of hoDefGenerator

AutoComplete Author: David Martinko
Last Update: 07/07/2005Company: Redeemed Software
*** UPDATE ***
Added support for Modal Panels. Changed a lot of logic dealing with positioning of the list. Removed list from view and located list directly into Main_Panel_ID (unless used within a modal panel, then it is a child of the modal panel). Changed logic for setting column lables to remove limitation of number of columns allowed. Finished up some more support for manually filling the list. Added some code to make sure the list is killed when changing tab pages.

More support for manually filling the list.
Directory browsing added to the samples.

Speed user entry. See results matching what you type. Choose an entry from the list to complete your entry, or use it to make that the active record.

No DLL's, no ActiveX controls, written completely with native dataflex code. A sample view is included for the Order Entry Sample Workspace so you can start testing it right away and have a sample on how to use it. Another great feature is that the same code works from vdf8 or higher without ANY co

Dataloss warning messages in a windows-standard way Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 24/02/2005Company: Antwise Solutions
The standard warning messages that are shown when you close an application or a view and something has been changed in the view are not very Windows-like. The little package included here will change this so your program will behave in a more standard way.

Crystal Reports ActiveX which replaces the API Author: David Martinko
Last Update: 15/02/2005
Business Objects will no longer support the use of API within their product. This has forced the need to use the RDC component supplied by Business Objects to stay up with the changes. These packages should be considered BETA and need feedback and testing from a variety of developers.

At the top of the pkg file is file the version information.
Current version is 1.1

Messaging between VDF Applications Author: Dalton Pulsipher
Last Update: 14/02/2005Company: HCSS
This package will enable you to let vdf applications talk to one another in an event fashion. Simply create an object, tell it who to send the message to, what the message is, and then send it off. In the other application you will receive the message as an event with the message text as a parameter. Do what you like with it and then Function_Return your response text. It will be sent back to the calling application. Currently both apps must be on the same computer.

Rearrange dbGrid Columns Author: Dalton Pulsipher
Last Update: 02/02/2005Company: HCSS
Recently at MMISL I showed a subclass that enabled rearranging of columns in a dbGrid.
You can now use this feature yourself! You will just need the .pkg and .dll file attached. Basic instructions are in the class and can also be found at the read more link below.

Global access to windows registry database Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 14/07/2004Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This package contains global procedure and global functions to gain access to the windows registry database

Regsvr32 replacement Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 14/07/2004Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This Function makes it possible to register and deregister OCX and DLL files that have been designed for selfregistration. This is a replacement of the windows command file REGSVR32.EXE that you can use from within your application.

Spell Checker written in Visual Dataflex Author: Tony S Mackay
Last Update: 16/03/2004Company: Anasazi Software Inc.
Spell Check as shown at DISD 2004

At the recent DISD conference Tony Mackay of Anasazi Software demonstrated a spell checker for Visual DataFlex applications.

Date control in forms and dbforms Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 10/02/2004Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This mixin class adds functionality to your date controls. It makes it possible for the user to insert a day and month and have the current year added automatically. 2-digits years will be converted to a 4 digit year. If no date is entered, the current date will automatically be inserted. This can be avoided by setting AllowBlankDate to True.
<PGUP> or <PGDOWN> increase/decrease the date by 1.
<CTRL>+<D> correct the date to current date.
<CTRL>+<F4> to popup a calender. The calender here used are from Sture Andersens VDFQuery.
<SHIFT>+<PGUP> Increase the date by a week
<SHIFT>+<PGDOWN> Decrease the date by a week
<CTRL>+<PGUP> Increase the date by a month
<CTRL>+<PGDOWN> Decrease the date by a month

Control Panel Applets Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 14/10/2003Company: Antwise Solutions
A little class to start any of the available control panel applets available in your windows version.

cDbForm_DSFlist Author: David Martinko
Last Update: 21/11/2002Company: Redeemed Software

Serial Communications in VDF Author: Andrew Kennard
Last Update: 13/11/2002Company: Words Bureau Systems
I have an example written ages ago using win api calls.
In my own experience VDF and serial comms have never really gelled.
It's all my own hand coded stuff but your welcome to have a look if your interested
It was only really done to handle small amounts of data (200 chars at a time) but you could modify it to handle buffering.

Resizing grip Author: Pieter van Dieren
Last Update: 12/11/2002Company: Synerga
A special mouse pointer, which allows a user to manipulate user interface elements such as a window. For example, a user can click and drag a sizing grip in the lower-right corner of a window to resize it.

Winprint to VPE classes Author: Carl Henry Schaer
Last Update: 10/11/2002Company: HCSS
This package includes the code to convert your reports originally developed for use with the Winprint report engine to be used with VPE. The VPE printengine is very fast and has much more features as winprint. We will name just a few of them here. RTF support, clickable objects, use images of the popular image formats, export of pages to all common image file formats, print forms and labels.

Debug tool instead of info_box Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 05/07/2002Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
This Debug_box can be used as an alternative to "info_box" for troubleshooting.

Autoprompting Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 12/03/2002Company: Antwise Solutions
This package contains some classes to add autoprompt selectionlists to your application for when you exit a dbForm or dbGrid object. Supported are findrequired prompts, required selectionlists and validation-prompts. Updated to support VDF8 SP1.

Business Calculator Author: Sergey V Natarov
Last Update: 10/03/2002Company: SCR
This package contains a business calculator that can be easily included in your programs.

Mailmerge in MS Word with FlexOLE/FlexCOM Author: Dan Walsh
Last Update: 06/03/2002Company: Legal Software Development
This package shows you how to implement mailmerging in Microsoft's Word 97 with the use of FlexOLE. It is an example that makes use of the standard order entry sample which makes it much easier to understand. Another view is added, written by Peter Tawse, to automatically merge and print documents with Word in the background.

Database aware reportview Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 14/12/2001Company: Antwise Solutions
This is a mix of the reportview and dbview class --0 a reportview can be used with datadictionary objects. This means that one has all of the advantages of the DDOs like selectionlists, a buttonbar where record navigation still works, datadictionary rules, etcetera. It is supplied with a .dfc file for the registration in the IDE of VDF6 and a .cls for the registration in the IDE of VDF5 and VDF4. There's also a template file for creation of dbreportviews with the IDE and a small example to show how it works.

CIpAddressTable Author: Michael Kurz
Last Update: 26/09/2001
This class is based on an array and fills itself with all available IP addresses on a PC by using Win32 API calls. Of course the subnet masks are filled in, too.

CheckGroup Author: Vincent Oorsprong
Last Update: 08/01/2001Company: Data Access Europe B.V.
A Group class with an attached checkbox that lets you enable/disable the group and its contents based on the select-state of the checkbox.

System Tray Icon Author: Michael Kurz
Last Update: 21/11/2000
This package allows you to use the tray icon from within a VDF application using WinAPI calls only. The package supports multiple icons, blinking, cascading menu's and more.

Popup menu Author: Michael Kurz
Last Update: 12/11/2000
The standard VDF popup menu's do not support bitmaps or cascading menu's. This popup menu package supports these features in addition to the normal popups.

VPEArrayClass Author: Marco Kuipers
Last Update: 11/10/2000Company: National Credit Insurance
The VpeArrayClass is an extension of the Starzen VpeReport class and creates handles to print via an array. Advantages are that the array can be filled in any order you like (based entered selection criteria) and is completely independent from the report order. In fact, the report order does not have to contain an index at all !!! The order is based on the OrderString you put in the array, so it can contain fields from parents, long description fields etc. etc. So no more copying-down data from the parent to the childs, adding indexes just for reporting etc. Although it sounds slower, you will find it isn't because you can use much better indexing for selecting the records.

vDateForm Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 04/07/2000Company: Antwise Solutions
This class is a subclass of the DateForm and has some extra code in it to speed up data-entry.

vdbList Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 04/07/2000Company: Antwise Solutions
The vdbList subclass is a direct descendant of the dbList class. It supports reversed ordering of sorted columns by clicking on the header, very much like most list controls function in Windows.

vdbListModalPanel Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 04/07/2000Company: Antwise Solutions
This is a subclass of the dbModalPanel that can be used with your selectionlists. It provides you with an automatic toolbar in the selectionlist. The toolbar has buttons for beginning of file, page up, previous record, next record, page down and end of file.

Customizing the toolbar in the Crystal preview window Author: Shaun Martin
Last Update: 16/02/2000
A few people have been asking how to get to the printer setup dialog in the Crystal Reports preview window. The attached file lets you turn on (and off) the printer setup button and provides a few other options.

Autocoloring indexfields Author: Peter Bosch
Last Update: 31/01/2000Company: info trans Logistik Systems GmbH
This package contains a subclass extension that automatically colors a data-aware object if it has search capabilities. This way the user will know on what field he/she can use the find keys (F7/F8/F9). In the package is also an example of how to subclass the dbform and the dbgrid class. Files for support in the IDE are also included.

CheckboxColumnGrid Author: Vincent Oorsprong
Last Update: 11/11/1999Company: Data Access Europe B.V.
This grid subclass adds a checkbox column to support the selection of an entire row.

vsWin32Identification Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 26/10/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
This set of API calls will retrieve the computername, the networkname and the current process ID.

Tabstops in Winprint Author: Peter Bosch
Last Update: 28/09/1999Company: info trans Logistik Systems GmbH
If you use the DFWritePos Command you must always change a lot of code if you need to change your layout during development, because you often use the same position in Header, SubHeader and Body. With TabStops you only set them once in the Init-Section of the report and if they change you also only change them once. This has saved me a great deal of time.

System Time (Time elapsed routine) Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 27/09/1999Company: Antwise Solutions
This package shows you how to use the Windows API functions GetTickCount and GetSystemTime to write a time elapsed procedure wich has a precision of one millisecond (a tick). The package also contains a timestamp procedure that retrieves the current (GMT/UTC) time and date.

Custom button bar Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
An example of how to create a custom button bar. This works together with the Eurocalculator, also available here. It shows a technique for activating an item in the button bar while no view is activated.

Eurocalculator Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
A dialog with a "Eurocalculator." It calculates from and to the various currencies based on the fixed EURO-rates of the countries that participate with the Euro.

System file with parents Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Antwise Solutions
Sometimes it is convenient to define parent files that are related to a systemfile. An everyday example would be the setting of a currency. How to do this is described and also how to have a working selection list with a currency code and accompanying description field in the same view. Unzip the files into the "orderentry" example.