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Dataloss warning messages in a windows-standard way

by Wil van Antwerpen


The standard warning messages that are shown when you close an application or a view and something has been changed in the view are not very Windows-like. The little package included here will change this so your program will behave in a more standard way.
Size: 2 KB Download
Date Created: 06/11/1999
Date Updated: 24/02/2005
Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Company: Antwise Solutions

There are two major differences from the standard DataFlex dataloss-warnings. First of all we present a Yes-No-Cancel box, just like everyone is getting used to and second we show the exlamation mark as an icon instead of the question mark.
Here is an example

The old dataloss warning looks like this:

This is now replaced with:

Steps for implementation in the order entry program:
- Copy the vsYNCconfirm.pkg into the order\appsrc folder
- Open the IDE in the order entry sample workspace
- Open the program 'order entry sample appplication'
- Include the line 'Use vsYNCConfirm.pkg' in the top of your program so it looks like this:
Object ProgramWorkspace is a Workspace
Set WorkspaceName to CURRENT$WORKSPACE
Set ModuleName to 'Order'
Set HelpName to 'OrdEntry.hlp'

Use Help_Ids.inc Developer should provide this file of help context links.
Use Std_Help.pkg
Use vsYNCConfirm.pkg
- Compile your program and run



vsyncconfirm.zip original version VDF7
vsyncconfirm9.zip updated for VDF9 and up