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DataFlex Development Tools Funding

Current Amount:
EUR 62.50 / month

EUR 2000 / month

What is this about ?

This is about funding development for DataFlex Development Tools in particular for accelerating development on The Hammer 3.0. The idea here is that the amount of work that can be done does not solely depend on the personal financial ability of the core developers to work on this.

See also: Hammer and the problem of funding ongoing development

This is a DataFlex code editor that is convenient to use along side your DataFlex Studio.
We have been working hard to get it up-to-date and it already has a lot of great features.
Some of the additional features - not in the Studio - currently are:

  • code collapse
  • code refactoring tools - more to come!
  • built on using an active code editor control (scintilla) not a dead project like codemax (this alone should be a reason for wanting to help)
  • theme based color definitions
  • support for all DataFlex versions, not just the last one (even console mode)
  • GUI in local language (currently English, Russian and Spanish)
  • open source, easy to extend

There's a lot more features, certainly a good overlap with the Studio (think brace matching, tool tips, auto complete), but a bit different.

Why should you care ?

Because The Hammer can save you a lot of time with it's extra features and we are focused on bringing you features that help make your life as a developer easier.
You don't have to wait years to get extra features.

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Subscription levels

Funding is a per year subscription per year and the following levels are available.

EUR 50,- Our gratitude and your name on the Hammer 3.0 funding page
EUR 100,- Your name plus a hyperlink to your website
EUR 200,- Your name plus hyperlink and a logo to your website
EUR 500,- Your company name with a link and a small banner to your company
EUR 1000,- The above with a larger banner and mentioning as a silver sponsor
EUR 2000,- Golden sponsorship level
EUR ?? I guess we should talk

Of course you can fund anonymously too.

Also note that any amount of donation helps. If the amounts above are not working for you then please be aware that the old donation page still works, but HAS BEEN CHANGED!
We're not a registered non profit and that became a requirement for paypal (understandable).
Getting registered means having a lot of administrative overhead, which I have no time for.
Donations there are now on a personal bases via a different paypal account, that account is also linked to this site, just not a business account.

Sizes for banners and logo are up to:
  • logo 120 x 90 pixels (w x h)
  • small banner 470 x 90 pixels (w x h)
  • large banner 660 x 180 pixels (w x h)

How to subscribe?

Thanks for considering, your help will be much appreciated and assist in speeding up development of The Hammer3 bringing great new features to the DataFlex world.

There's a new webshop which makes this now fairly easy, you can go to the Antwise Solutions webshop and put the subscription you want to support development for in the shopping cart.

The webshop can be found here:


  • What if you don't have time to work on this, is my money gone ?

No, in the case that the core developers would be too busy to work on this, the money would be spent on contractors who are able work on this project.

  • I don't like subscriptions, can't I pay one time?

Welcome to the club. Recurring bills are no fun, agreed! Don't worry we will not just flat out send a bill when the year has passed, unless that is your preference. The default is to send you an email asking if you still want to contribute to the project. The reason that a subscription model is suggested is that there's a lot of work that can be done and that it would be great if we can prevent the project to go back into a sleeping stage.

  • How can I see what is happening?

We usually check our code in at the end of the day so that you can see and monitor any progress here: