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VDF GUIdance Open License Statement

All contributed parts, packages, how-to's, applications and presentations (called articles in the rest of the text) will fall under the following regulations:

- An article describes or extends the functionality of existing software.
- All mentioned products, company names and (registered) trademarks belong to their respective holders.
- Removal of an article will be done on the simple demand of the user who has contributed the article.
- Articles can only be contributed to the website by the original author.
- An article will always fall under the regulations in this statement.
- All articles are 100 % free and include all the source code required to run (e.g. no hidden fees)
- The articles at the VDF-GUIdance site can be used in commercial or non-commercial software free of charge, as long as the author is mentioned in the about box.
All articles should be seen AS IS without any warranty, neither direct nor indirect.
If you publish one of the articles in this web site elsewhere then you are obliged to always mention the original location of the article at the VDF-GUIdance website.
Articles can never be sold, bundled nor partially. Only a fair fee for handling and transport may be asked.
All distributions should have the approval of the persons that started this project initiative.

If someone changes the code of an existing article then you should always have the approval of the author if you want to republish this.

And now the most important rule of all, as that helps us to improve the content over time and it helps the original author who donated his work to the community.

All changes made to the original article should be donated back to the author.