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IIS7 Localhost port binding Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 08/02/2023Company: Antwise Solutions
IIS Web services on Windows 7 and higher does not just bind to when binding itself but binds itself to any available IP address on your host, not convenient if you want to bind something on that same ports to for example

Interactive XAML with codejock Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 17/03/2018Company: Antwise Solutions
This article discusses some methods on how to make your codejock XAML objects interactive.
Unfortunately at this time there are some limitations in what you can do, but I hope that this how-to will help in discovering better and more complete methods for doing this.

Codejock Hi DPI Icons Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 09/03/2016Company: Antwise Solutions
Codejock supports the use of icons that contain images for multiple sizes. DAWs dynamic loading of these icons unfortunately just uses the first icon and then depends on dynamic resizing to show the icon at the desired size. Scaling down a 48 pixel icon to 16 pixels looks VERY different from a properly designed 16x16 icon. We show you how-to write code that uses the icons dynamically.

Datetime compiler problems with long strings Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 12/01/2016Company: Antwise Solutions
This article discusses the problem your compiler has with long strings in expressions and general datetime functions. (VDF15.1 and earlier)

How to run a VRW report from the Web Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 21/02/2011
This add-on to the AJAX Order Entry Example marries two VDF products, Ajax and Visual Report Writer (VRW). The goals are as follows:

Run a VRW report from an AJAX Web application
Provide a choice to the user for outputting a PDF, CSV or graphic (PNG) file
Show the PDF or PNG file on an ASP page

Another Fusion Charts Author: Ali Abu-Feilat
Last Update: 03/12/2009
This is Modified order entry with "FusionChartsFree" based on Pepe Guimaraes example
thanks for Pepe Guimaraes and Benito Fernandez

This application has been tested with Visual DataFlex 14.1 and 15.1
The charts are based on the free controls from:

cCSVWinprint2 Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 09/05/2009
The Winprint II classes are great, but sometimes you want to extend them a little on customer request.
Here Bob shows us how you can easily extend a Winprint II report to not only be able to print preview and print, but also export to a CSV file.

Ping an ipaddress Author: Allan Greis Eriksen
Last Update: 02/06/2006Company: NordTeam Gruppen ApS
Package to ping an ipaddress.

Crystal XI Runtime Installer Author: Peter van Mil
Last Update: 27/11/2005
Creating a runtime installer for Crystal XI using merge modules.

Decimal Separator problems Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 28/02/2004Company: Antwise Solutions
On some computers the decimal separator on the numerical keypad doesn't seem to respect the regional settings of your language. As an example for dutch the decimal separator is a comma (",") whereas for the US this is a dot (".")
In certain conditions, if you try to use the decimal separator key in a numerical field, pressing the key generates an errorbeep instead of the comma.

Scroll and TabPage samples Author: Tony Mackay (Anasazi Software Inc.)
Last Update: 14/10/2003Company: Anasazi Software Inc.
These are the scroll and tabpage examples which Tony showed at the 2003 Meet Me In St. Louis conference. They are neat examples on
- having a dbView that automatically scrolls to the activated forms
- managing tabpages, howto reorder them dynamically or how-to hide a page dynamically

Dialog Callback Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 17/07/2003
This paper explains how you can write your own class based on callback logic.
The discussed example talks about implementing a callback for a dialog, but you could use this same technique anywhere.
It is a very nice explanation of how callbacks work in VDF.

IDE Insights Part 1 - Component Code Markers Author: John van Houten
Last Update: 15/07/2003Company: Data Access Worldwide
The IDE's Visual Designer maintains a set of special markers inside the source code of each component file. These markers are parsed whenever a component is opened, and re-generated when the component is written.

This paper presents a description of each special marker...

Comparing padded strings Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 13/11/2002Company: Antwise Solutions
Comparing strings padded with spaces in DataFlex might not exactly work as you would have expected as it is a little bit different from other programming languages.
You have to be aware that comparing 'abcd' to 'abcd ' always results to a (True) condition

Migrating 2.3 code to DF3.1 Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 19/08/2002Company: Velpe Development bvba
This white paper describes some of the problems that you can expect to see if you migrate your code from DataFlex release 2.3 to DataFlex 3.1

Creating an NT service for a VDF program Author: Bob Worsley
Last Update: 18/08/2002
NT services are something that I've had extensive experience with, on both NT-4 and Windows 2000. This article is a complete guide, including code, to installing and running a VDF program as a service. The "code" is a scheduler that once the service is running, kicks off a program at a required time or periodically throughout the day.

How to use Microsoft Agent inside VDF applications Author: Franco Spinella
Last Update: 01/08/2002Company: DATAFLEX SERVICE ITALIA SRL
Here is an IDE compatible view that shows how to use the class "cAGENT" generated by FlexCOM to integrate MSAGENTS inside your VDF applications.
The view was built while testing all of the MSAgents functions, so please don't comment about the layout of the view, it's only for testing purposes. Please read more before you start using it....

Retrieve lost objects Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 03/11/2001Company: Antwise Solutions
A tabpage in VDF sometimes looses one or more of its objects. This usually happens after a user clears the entire view. This document describes how to redisplay those lost objects.

Date masking problems Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 03/11/2001Company: Antwise Solutions
There are some serious problems when using date masks in vdf.

Retain in VDF Author: Peter Bosch
Last Update: 27/10/2000Company: info trans Logistik Systems GmbH
Do you remember the item_option "retain" from console mode DataFlex? This is no longer a supported technique in VDF, until now! This white paper describes how you can still make use of the retain field_option in VDF (DD_RETAIN) by adding a few lines of code to your subclass structure.

The dbList class unmystified Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 04/07/2000Company: Antwise Solutions
This white paper is about the inner workings of the dbList class. Understanding what happens when you press a button that invokes a lookup can help in customizing this class. An online version of the paper is also available.

Panel gets covered by windows taskbar Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 09/03/2000Company: Antwise Solutions
This article explains how to fix the problem that can occur if you have a view with a dbform object and a selection list near the bottom of the screen. Popping up the selection list will locate the panel in a way that the buttons are underneath the windows taskbar.
This only applies to VDF4/VDF5/VDF6. This behaviour is fixed in VDF7.

Multi-homed system in MS SQL Server Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 17/11/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
This white paper describes a way to tackle the problem that arises when you want to convert a multi-homed DataFlex database to MS SQL Server. By multi-homed we mean a database with shared datafiles in one directory and specific company-related datafiles in their own seperate directory

Prevent Status Panels losing the focus Author: Geoff Furlong
Last Update: 20/10/1999Company: MSG Business Systems Ltd.
The status panel used in BPOs and Winprint will lose its focus when switching to other applications and back. The result is that the application appears to have locked up while it is in fact still running the report or business code. This describes a fix for the problem.

Creating a multilingual application Author: Peter Mustoe
Last Update: 20/10/1999Company: FocusTree Ltd
The zip-file contains a Word97 document and a password package on how I implemented a top level function in VDF for multi-language changes for ALL visual objects. The database fields label naming is performed by using the method explained in the final chapter of the "Mastering Visual Dataflex" book (not published in here).
If these 2 methods are adopted a full language translation facility can be included in ALL your VDF applications, with very little code.

Migrate legacy process code for use in a BPO Author: Dan Walsh
Last Update: 15/10/1999Company: Legal Software Development
This paper discusses several different ways on how to migrate your old procedural process code to a BPO. Examples are included

Explanation regarding oppertunistic locking Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 27/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
An explanation of what really happens with oppertunistic locking

VDF running as a Windows NT Service Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
This document explains step by step how to set up a Windows NT machine so that it is able to run a VDF application as an NT service. This means that the application will automatically run in the background when the computer is booted. The VDF application will even run without a logon.

Basic TCP-IP in a Word Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
Some very basic TCP-IP documentation

MS SBS Limitations Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
Limitations of Microsoft's Small Business Server

Write a DWord to the registry Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
Normally if you write a value to the registry, it will be a string value. This document tells you how to write a DWord value

Create autologon in Windows NT Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Last Update: 20/09/1999Company: Antwise Solutions
How to have your Windows NT station automatically log in with a default username and password.

Create a header-detail construction Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 13/09/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
Frank has written some general guidelines on creating a basic header-detail construction in VDF

Citrix and Visual DataFlex Author: Filip Huwaert
Last Update: 12/08/1999Company: Soft-Naert
A paper about Citrix Metaframe and how to use it with Visual DataFlex.

Logon keyboard layout Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 19/01/1999Company: Velpe Development bvba
This document explains how to change keyboard layout at logon. An example might be changing to a non-US format.