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The presentation section contains presentations and whitepapers.
Running VDF against a Linux backend Author: Josť A.F. Guimaraes e Costa
Last Update: 29/10/2002Company: Moose Software
This case-study describes in the field experiences of sites running and sharing DataFlex files between both DataFlex for Linux 3.1d and VDF 8.2. In the discussed setup, files are accessed in character mode from dumb terminals (Vt style) upto Pc`s (win 9x) with NetTerm.
Samba is used to share files accessible by VDF and to share printers (even serial and parallel printers attached to the "server").
So far the sites have proved to be stable and solid.

An Xml Introduction Author: Frank G. Vandervelpen
Last Update: 25/07/2002Company: Velpe Development bvba
This document is written in order to provide a brief introduction on XML and related topics. It is not intended to be complete, but rather to give a general definition of some terminology. This document can be used as an appendix to documents describing some XML based projects.

DDUG Newsletter December 2001 Author: Marco Kuipers
Last Update: 11/12/2001Company: DataFlex Developers '& Users' Group
The December 2001 newsletter of the DDUG.
It includes five articles:
1. Codes do we need them?
2. A 'Little' System integration Job
3. Debugging in a Multi User environment
4. XML you want it, even if you say you don't
5. The loneliness of the long-distance programmer

DDUG Newsletter November 2001 Author: Marco Kuipers
Last Update: 03/11/2001Company: DataFlex Developers '& Users' Group
The november 2001 newsletter of the DDUG.
It includes three articles:
1.'The client who didn't know he needed SQL' by Barry Munro
2.'Version Control System, what, when and where' by Marco Kuipers
3.'Add spellcheck to your VDF in 10 minutes' by Marco Kuipers

Mertech Direct Drivers Author: Riaz S Merchant
Last Update: 22/09/2000Company: Mertech Data Systems, Inc
This powerpoint presentation discusses the direct drivers of Mertech. With these drivers a DataFlex program can directly use a Oracle or MS SQL database just as if it is working with native DataFlex files.