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Creating a multilingual application

by Peter Mustoe


The zip-file contains a Word97 document and a password package on how I implemented a top level function in VDF for multi-language changes for ALL visual objects. The database fields label naming is performed by using the method explained in the final chapter of the "Mastering Visual Dataflex" book (not published in here).
If these 2 methods are adopted a full language translation facility can be included in ALL your VDF applications, with very little code.
Size: 80 KB Download
Date Created: 20/10/1999
Date Updated: 20/10/1999
Author: Peter Mustoe
Company: FocusTree Ltd

A Technique For Creating Multi Language Applications in VDF

Notes on Presentation at SIG (UK) meeting by Pete Mustoe from FocusTree Ltd.

The following document (see download) explains a technique adopted by FocusTree Ltd, UK in creating a Multi-Language application. They are offered here as seen and FocusTree Ltd accept no liability on their use but offer them freely for anybody to use or improve upon.

Below is a screenshot to give you an idea. The zipfile contains a word-document which goes into more details and also has some code..


Multilanguage package (zip file)