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by Wil van Antwerpen


This is a subclass of the dbModalPanel that can be used with your selectionlists. It provides you with an automatic toolbar in the selectionlist. The toolbar has buttons for beginning of file, page up, previous record, next record, page down and end of file.
Size: 5 KB Download
Date Created: 04/07/2000
Date Updated: 04/07/2000
Author: Wil van Antwerpen
Company: Antwise Solutions

This subclass is an extension of the dbModalPanel and provides some extra mouse-navigation for lookuplists.
It creates a little toolbar that is displayed in the top of the panel. The buttons on it are: beginning of file, page up, previous record, next record, page down and end of file.
Included is also a changed lookup template that can be used to create your own style lookuplists from the new component wizard in the IDE. To install it, just copy it to the folder vdfx\usr\global\IdeSrc.

Installation Steps

  • Copy both of the *.pkg files in the AppSrc folder (workspace install) or copy them to the vdfx\pkg for a global install.
  • Copy the *.dfc file in the IdeSrc folder
  • Copy the *.tpl file in the vdfx\usr\global\IdeSrc

For the IDE to understand the new vdbListModalPanel class, you will have to register it under "maintain classlists"

  1. To do this first close any open view.
  2. Tools menu-> maintain classlist
  3. Select Global tabpage or workspace tabpage depending on where you want to install the new class.
  4. Click Add
- Name: vdbListModalPanel
- File: select the vdblistmodalpanel.dfc with the prompt button
You do not have to enter anything in the Image: and Page: forms
The reason for that is that you cannot drag a modalpanel from the controls palette, you need to select a modalpanel as you begin.
  1. Click Ok

Now you can create new lookups with a toolbar in top if you select File -> New Component -> Lookups

Note: The new toolbar is not visible in the IDE, the toolbar shows up after you compiled the selectionlist.


vdblistmodalpanel.zip ~ 5kB zip