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Curriculum Vitae Manager

by Arnaud Mallick


Gestion des CV is a program for maintaining and searching CV's. It is written for VDF5.1 and later, and is fully IDE compliant.
Size: 396 KB Download
Date Created: 12/11/1999
Date Updated: 04/01/2000
Author: Arnaud Mallick
Company: Editus Luxembourg SA

Gestion des CV is a program for managing Curriculum Vitaes. It is written for VDF5.1 and up and is fully IDE compliant and with all the source code of the project.
This is still a beta version although it looks really good. The end-user interface is in french, but don't let that stop you. Below is a screenshot to give you a general idea.

Version 1.01 generally has some database changes and a changed layout on some views.