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The download below contains all of the sources - including any dependencies - that you need in order to compile a fully functional version of Crossmerge. In order to successfully compile and run the applications, you will need Visual DataFlex 12.1 as a minimum version.

Install notes

A workspace file (Cmoss.sws) is located in the main folder and can be used to open the project in the Studio. In order to start using Crossmerge, you will have to compile all three projects. Just select the project you want to build in the toolbar comboform and select compile from the "Project" menu.

On VDF2008 when not using the english language but for example swedish, you will need to take a copy of, rename it to and put it back to AppSrc


Crossmerge Open Source ~ 2.0Mb

A Working helpfile (the one in the file above is corrupt) ~ 900kB

Subversion repository

This project is under version control using subversion software.
The URL for the project is: