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CrossMerge can be used by anyone who needs to move data - whether from a Microsoft SQL Server database to a DataFlex embedded database file, or from an Excel spreadsheet to a Microsoft Access database or any other ODBC compliant database - quickly and easily! (See screenshots)

No need to learn to write SQL statements or learn new programming skills! Anyone can use it - just point and click and your data's on the move!
CrossMerge does not require any modifications to the database - field names, types, and lengths don't even need to match!
Easily get only the data you want to move or update using CrossMerge's built-in data filtering capabilities!

Features for IT Professionals

IT professionals can easily deploy a data integration, synchronization and migration tool for single users or for the enterprise, depending on need. With CrossMerge, IT pros can:

  • Easily integrate your Web applications with other business software systems. With CrossMerge, you can now move the data your customers require or that's needed on your company's intranet, from the backend of your ERP or CRM system to your Website's database.
  • Transfer existing data into new applications.
  • Connect data from one application with any other application.
  • Gain native connectivity to a variety of database formats including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Pervasive.SQL and DataFlex, as well as ODBC compliant databases such as Microsoft Access, Excel, MySQL, Informix, Progress, Interbase, and many others.
  • Deploy an automatic data migration/updating application with the automated CrossMerge Connection Engine.